Jinriee’s 1st follow forever 

hello everyone~
 I finally made my 1st ff, I’ve always wanted to do this ever since I reached my goal last week but I was quite busy(and a little lazy v.v) so I didn’t do anything until now haha. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to everyone especially those 2,028 followers I have, I honestly didn’t think that I would have that much people/blogs following me because I only joined tumblr last December and that’s less than a year. I personally find it amazing and to me it’s a great achievement  sososo big thank you to everyone \^O^///(throw big hearts to all of you)

Please excuse my horrible gifs above, I wanted to make a graphic(I did actually but it was horrible x.x) so I changed to these. I’ll make sure to make better things in the future or my next ff so just stick to this first okay? xD

All these blogs listed below are amazingly perfect in their own ways, these are all highly recommended and is a must follow. I’m not going to do the bolding and italicizing for now for because I’m a little afraid I might forget someone :)

Special mentions(lovely people/my cuties/friends)
Mary, Bina, Vicvic, Aina, Emma, Leti and Elly

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Sorry if I left out anyone, thank you again & have a great day! ^_^

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